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Remote Online Notarizations

Remote online notarizations are an excellent choice for anyone with a tight schedule. Instead of having to meet your notary somewhere, you can simply have a document notarized over a two-way video chat. During this process, your notary public will verify your identity and that you understand the purpose of the papers you are signing. 


Our online notary service can save you time and help you notarize documents on a tight schedule. Once we’ve verified your identity and the documents you are signing, we’ll issue an electronic notary seal and digital certificate. The entire process can be completed in just a few minutes. 

Get your documents verified and authenticated on the go with our remote online notarization services. Notarize your important document anywhere and anytime and get your work going with our quick and convenient solutions. We provide simpler, safer, and smarter notarization solutions at any time and any place! Notarize your documents now!


Our remote notary services can help you notarize anything from leases to employment contracts. Call today to schedule an appointment with our notary. We’re based in Fredericksburg, VA but can provide notary services throughout the state!