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Your Business and Employment Concierge in Fredericksburg and Richmond, VA

At The Notary Seal, we believe every document needs to be correctly and securely notarized to meet the needs of our clients.

Our experienced notaries and trained staff can help you with a range of services:

  • Fingerprinting for background checks

  • Apostille for document legalization

  • Notary training so you can become certified

  • ُُُٗPassport photos required for travel

Not Sure What You Need?

Employment fingerprinting packages to overseas legal documents. We've got you covered.


We offer professional, in-office fingerprinting services for a variety of purposes.

Whether you need fingerprints for an FBI Background Check, FINRA, NRA, Employment Background, Adoption or any other reason, we can provide the service quickly and efficiently.

Our trained technicians are practiced in capturing high-quality fingerprints, ensuring that your background check or other application process goes smoothly.

Apostille - International Document Authentication

We provide Apostille Agent services for authentication of your important documents for international use. This is vital when documentation such as Special Power of Attorney, Collage Transcripts, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates or other vital business documents. We can also translate these documents in over 100 languages. For Fast and Professional Apostille Services choose The Notary Seal.

We are your trusted partner for document legalization services. Whether you are an individual or a business, we understand the importance of having your documents properly authenticated and legalized.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with efficient and reliable solutions to meet your specific needs.

At The Notary Seal, we offer a comprehensive range of document legalization services to ensure that your paperwork meets the necessary legal requirements.


Our document notarization services include all standard legal documents, from marriage certificates to loan closing documents.

We also offer I-9 verification to ensure that you are cleared for employment. For your convenience, we also offer mobile notary services to help you get documents signed in a timely manner and as efficiently as possible.

We provide in-person notarizations of documents throughout the United States, but if you would just like to work from the comfort of your home, we also offer Remote Online Notarization using Audio/Video Technology.

Notary Training

Our years of experience have led us to create a notary training program to help notary publics better understand their role and how to attract customers. Our Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent Training is an intensive two-day class, offered in-person and online.

Whether you are already a notary or are on your way to becoming one, this class will take your skills to the next level. We’ll go over the details of what a notary signing agent really does, understanding mortgage documents, and other essential skills.

DNA Testing

Our company offers comprehensive DNA testing services for individuals and families. Our state-of-the-art DNA testing technology provides accurate and reliable results for a variety of applications, including ancestry tracing, relationship testing, and genetic health risk assessments.

Choose our DNA testing services to unlock the secrets of your DNA and gain a deeper understanding of your family history and personal health.

Passport Photos

We offer convenient and efficient passport photo services so you can put your focus on your travels. Our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable staff ensure that your passport photo will meet all government requirements and will be ready in no time. With quick turnaround times and affordable prices, our passport photo service provides a hassle-free experience for our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of documents do you notarize?

We notarize just about every document which needs to be notarized in the paper world. There are a few exceptions though, so see below:​

In an online notarization, both you and the notary electronically sign the notarized document. Per federal and state laws such as the ESIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), when both sides agree to perform their transaction electronically, electronic signatures are just as valid as handwritten signatures for virtually all documents. But, certain documents are excluded – see below. Also, some states, public agencies and court systems impose additional requirements and limitations for accepting electronically-signed documents, so it’s always important to check with your intended recipient to confirm their specific requirements for accepting electronically signed and notarized documents.​

We currently do not notarize:

  • Birth, Marriage, or Death Certificates

  • Divorce decrees

  • Court-issued documents

What if my document requires a physical (wet) signature?

In some cases, your recipient may require original signatures from all signers. In order to fulfill this requirement, you will need to either:

1. Meet at our in-office location to sign in-person

2. Meet with a notary over video chat to show ID and sign your documents.​

After the session, you will mail the original documents to the address provided by your notary. Once received, the document will be notarized and sent to your recipient.

What are acceptable forms of ID that I can use?

Acceptable forms of ID include the following photo IDs if valid and unexpired. Your state may have other allowable IDs or may exclude use of some items on this list, so always check:​

  • U.S. State Issued Driver’s License

  • U.S. State Issued Photo ID

  • U.S. Passport Book

  • U.S. Passport Card

  • Certificate of US Citizenship

  • Certificate of Naturalization

  • Foreign Passport

  • Alien Registration Card with Photo

  • Military ID 

    This is not a comprehensive list.

What if my document requires a witness?

Many transactions require more than just a notary and signer. If you’re signing a document that requires a witness, you’ll want to make sure you let us know before your appointment. Just complete the request form indicating how many witnesses are needed. Please note there is an additional fee per witness.

What if I have additional signers?

If your document must be signed by more than one person, you have three options:

  1. You and your secondary co-signer can both visit us together in-office.

  1. You and your secondary signer can be co-located (in the same physical location), log into the session with the notary together, on the same device, and your documents notarized.​

  1. If your document requires two or more signers and they’re not co-located, all signers must complete separate transactions. Each signer would request and appointment and upload an unsigned copy of his/her document. When complete, you will have separately notarized documents that you may then submit to your recipient agency or institution.

How does online notarization work?

You are connected with a commissioned notary public via live audio-video call. The notary public confirms your identity visually using the scanned photo ID, and then witnesses as you sign the document. Just like a traditional notarization, the notary then signs and places their notarial seal on your document.

What documents can be Apostilled?

  • Vital Records (birth, death, marriage, divorce, single status)

  • Marriage records issued by a Virginia Circuit Court (You must ask for a triple seal to be attached to your marriage record. It will be returned if there is no triple seal.)

  • Circuit court documents (divorce decree, name change, single status)

  • State Corporation Commission issued documents

  • Other documents that are approved for foreign use. 

Do all documents need to be notarized before they are Apostilled?

​No, in fact some documents cannot be notarized. See list below of document that typically require a notarization and those that cannot be notarized prior to an apostille.

​Documents that typically MUST be notarized: 

  • Powers of Attorney (POA)

  • School transcripts/ Diplomas

  • Translations

  • Background checks

  • Other document not listed as prohibited below.​

    Documents that CANNOT be notarized:

  • Vital Records (birth, death, marriage, divorce, single status)

  • Marriage records issued by a Circuit Court (You must ask for a triple seal to be attached to your marriage record. It will be returned if there is no triple seal.)

  • Issued circuit court documents (divorce decree, name change, single status)

  • State Corporation Commission issued documents

Can the document be written in a foreign language?

Yes, however, the notarization section must be in English.

Can I take my own passport photo?

Yes, you can take your own passport photo. However, it must meet all the requirements for passport photos, including size, clarity, and background. Professional passport photo services can help ensure that your photo is compliant and meets all the necessary standards.

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