Document Notarization Services

The Notary Seal can handle notary services of all kinds. Our document notarization services include all standard legal documents, from marriage certificates to loan closing documents. We also offer I-9 verification to ensure that you are cleared for employment. 


Document notarization can prove that the correct person signed the documents, that they were signed willingly, and that the signer understands the contents of the documents. 


We also offer mobile notary services so you can get documents signed in a timely manner and as conveniently as possible. We offer in-person notarizations of documents throughout the United States (Nationally). However, if you  would just like to work from the comfort of your home, we also offer Remote Online Notarization using Audio/Video Technology, so book online or call today to schedule an appointment! takes absolute pride in providing completely secure and top-class document notarization services to you at any time and any place as per your convenience. Notarize your documents from an authorized notary from the comfort of your home with our remote notarization services.

Learn more about our power of attorney notary solutions here. Get your documents attested legally now!

Auto Services

The Notary Seal offers auto services to help you finalize car purchases, transfer titles, and more. Loan closing can be a minefield, but a skilled notary public will make sure your documents are all in order. 


Our signing agent will help prevent fraud by verifying each party’s identity and ensuring documents are signed correctly. We’re happy to work with car dealerships or individual buyers and sellers. Having a notary present makes the process go more smoothly and makes each person feel more comfortable about the transaction. We can bring professionalism to any transaction. Call today to schedule auto services Nationally

Hospital, Nursing Home, and Jail Notarization Services

At The Notary Seal, we understand that people from all walks of life require notary services. We’re able to provide hospital, nursing home, and jail notarization services. We can oversee signings of all kinds. As a mobile notary, we can travel to any institution and notarize wills, trusts, power of attorney, contracts, and more. 


If you urgently need to notarize a document, we’re here to help, no matter your location. We are willing to visit hospitals, jails, and nursing homes to notarize essential documents for our clients.